Saturday, August 16, 2008

Obama and the rope-a-dope, Part II

Last week I wrote about Obama possibly using the rope-a-dope as a strategy, giving McCain some slack, and then coming back hard. I think a mini-version of this has been at work while Obama has been on vacation. A friend emailed me and was frustrated that Obama seemed off his game.

I think Obama has been winning by losing. The idea of an Obama cult has been floating through the culture for months, and more than a few people seemed tired of the hype. A break was in order. McCain has been in the headlines for a week or so.

So now we can go forward with headlines about Obama "coming back," just in time for the convention. The country has had an Obama "breather."

I refuse to worry about Obama at this point. He's still unflappable. I take my cues from his fortitude.

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